0006 Littles Lines of Credit add up to Big Rehabs

Financing the Rehab: A little different perspective. This is where I explain how accumulating Credit Cards for Home Improvement Lines of Credit can add up to more than 30k in available credit to finance a rehab. Of course, use credit wisely and use technology such as automatic payments on billpay to not be late, but this is a way to get “cash” for that rehab without going to a bank or credit union to get a line of credit (which I will go into in one of the next episodes).

Real Estate investment is unique that it is the one form of investing where funding the venture has spawned a slew of different industries and financing opportunities that aren’t available in Stocks, Bonds, Precious Metals, Small Businesses etc. These are easily accessible to the general public. Please use this as one of the means for coming up with the capital to invest in real estate without hitting up family and friends.

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